About DiceBet

DiceBet consists of a small team of gamers, investors, designers, developers & marketers who have been in the cryptocurrency space for over 7 years. We have watched and participated in the bitcoin gambling evolution to where it stands today, and now, have added some of the latest dice gaming features with the launch of DiceBet.

Our goal is to be a best in class dice site for both players and investors by offering:

  • One of the lowest house edges around at just 0.7%
  • Gaming in multiple popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Ability for players to invest in the bankroll.
  • Very low house commission at just 25%.
  • Highest leverage option available for investors.
  • Ability to invest in multiple currencies.
  • Anonymous gaming.
  • Refer a friend program.
  • Autobetting.
  • Two factor authentication.
  • Fast deposit and withdraws.
  • Fast dice rolls.
  • A friendly chat and quick support.
  • Bonus promotions.

If you have any questions, ideas or feedback please get in contact with us, we really appreciate it :)

Thanks for joining DiceBet and good luck!